Our products are not only characterized by a high quality and a high functionality. They are also characterized by the beautiful design and considerations as regards the sterile environment and the safety required for our personnel.

Our employees supply you with perfect products, and we work with a 0% margin of error, which is why we have chosen the obvious ISO 9001-certification.

Our products are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the wishes of the dental and medico business.



Climo Ltd. produces and sells exclusive clinic and office equipment with the trademarks climo® and nican® .

climo® is the trademark within individually designed and exclusive standard equipment for dental clinics primarily. The clientele comprises increasingly other "white professions", as doctors, veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists etc fit naturally in climo®'s present special field.

For many Danish and Western European dentists, climo® is one of the most preferred trademarks within clinic equipment.

nican® is the company's trademark within office furniture. Climo Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing reception counters, so in many places nican® is the first you meet.


Within office furniture, reception counters are the most dominating type of product, but of course we also supply matching fitments, such as desks, shelves, cabinets, conference tables, wardrobes  etc.

Within both trademarks, CLIMO LTD. offers full-service. The range is from set-up guidance, three-dimensional drawings as basis for decisions, to final set-up and assembly.

3D visualisering