Company Profile

You can find Climo’s solutions all over Northern Europe – they are, among other things, the choice of dentists, at clinics, receptions and offices.

Climo Ltd. was established in 1973, and since then we have supplied clinic equipment to Danish as well as Western European dental clinics. Throughout the years, our product programme and clientele alike have expanded, and today we sell our solutions to dental clinics, veterinary surgeons, general practitioners, physiotherapists and private persons, who want a new kitchen or a new bathroom of a high quality. We deal in exclusive standard programmes, but we also make individual solutions – tailored for you and your wishes.

When we can allow ourselves to call Climo ”The perfect Choice”, it is to a great extent due to our thorough and certified quality control. We have a DS / ISO 9001 certification, and we never accept a compromise. We certainly wish that our clients will come back and say that they made ”The perfect Choice”.


Every year, Climo’s designers and product developers have one objective in view. The equipment must constantly become more functional and hygienic. The details must be perfect, and as a whole it must be a delight to the eye. After all, sterility and hygiene do not necessarily mean dull – a sterile tabletop might as well be red…

If you choose Climo Ltd. as your supplier of clinic equipment, you will get a reliable partner, who, with several years of experience, has an extensive insight in your world and needs. We know your procedures and your routines, and they are incorporated in our products. When we have the opportunity to ease your working day, we might as well do it.

Climo Ltd. is located in Hobro, where we have a big showroom, and we are always ready to talk to you about your wishes and needs. We also attend various fairs in Denmark as well as in the rest of Europe, where you can meet us and have a talk about our products and your opportunities.